Home Spa Package

  1. Moroccan Clay & Soap Pack
  2. Cotton Pad 
  3. Moroccan Loaf
  4. Deodrant Cream - of natural ingredients
  5. Foot Sheet 
  6. Rose Water Bottle
  7. Victoria Butter ( High Copy) - (4 Scents to choose from)
  8. Compressed Face Sheet Masks - (pack include 2 masks)they are essentially a dry sheet mask that are compressed into a tiny little circle and individually wrapped. Once the compressed sheet mask is saturated in a liquid, it expands and you can unravel it and place it on your face (guided by the holes that are cut out for your eyes and mouth of course). you can prepare your favorite Home Made natural mask and use the capsule mask to apply it on your skin and use it for hours. ( Check Out the tutorial video )

Home Spa

EGP325.00 Regular Price
EGP275.00Sale Price
Body Butter

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